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【The Associated Press】Mhome Group Announced the Release of New Strategic Direction to Become an Asset-Light Company




WUHAN, China, July 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Mhome Group (000667.SZ), a leading Chinese real estate developer headquartered in Wuhan, recently hosted its mid-year company conference with a focus on the themes of “High Satisfaction, Low Cost, Fast Speed, Low Profit Margins, Wide-scale Operations and Diverse Services”. During the conference, Mhome Group revealed strategic measures for the second half of the year to achieve its core goals. These measures will promote the industrialization of China’s prefabricated construction market, provide urban and rural construction services, and realize its vision to enable more people to live a better life.

Mr. Liu Daoming, Chairman of Mhome Group, highlighted company’s future strategy to create a standardized S-EPC service model that combines “upfront technical services” into the traditional EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) model, to integrate the industrial chain, reduce project costs, shorten construction periods and ensure project quality. Through the S-EPC model, Mhome can better fulfill customer’s needs in three categories: to help municipal governments in policymaking, project planning, and gaining market insights; to help developers in land-auction and smart manufacturing and construction; to provide home buyers with high-quality, affordable properties with modern decorations.

“At Mhome Group, we believe a good house leads to a good life. Our dream is to allow more people living a better life through beautiful, easy-to-use, and affordable housing. China’s construction industry is rapidly shifting from manual labor to industrialization. It is only through standardization that we can achieve wide-scale industrialization,” said Mr. Liu.

Meanwhile, Mr. He, CEO of Mhome Group highlighted that smart housing manufacturing with advanced technology, such as the Composite Shear Wall System, offers a significant competitive advantage within the prefabricated construction industry. Mr. He reiterated the need for the company to capitalize on its strengths and scale up, with the vision to develop its business model over a 3-to-5 year period.

Through high turnover and excellent assembly delivery capabilities, Mhome Group can realize its ambition to become an asset-light company - all whilst ensuring increased patent and model output and enhancing generational development.

About Mhome Group

Mhome Group was established in 1989 as a developer of residential and urban homes properties and provider of urban and rural construction services. Headquartered in Wuhan, China, Mhome is now a listed company with a prominent presence in multiple industries including smart housing manufacturing, modern agriculture and industrial revitalization of small towns.

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